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Dominatrix, Mistress Tickle, (coincidently) was a professional tickler.  Every week at least one person would pay a fortune to come to her house to have her tickle them in her big pink feather dress, with her large pink feather tickler.

One day, she set up a charity drive for the Breast Cancer Foundation.  The person who donated the most money would get a free tickling sensation from Mistress Tickle.  Many donated sums of tens, hoping they would get a cheap tickle (since a tickling sensation from a dominatrix was never cheap).  However, a successful Vietnamese businessman named Tuan Cao, donated $500, many times more than any other donor.

On tickling day, Tuan came in through Mistress Tickle's door wearing a red T-shirt, blue shorts and silver loafers.  Mistress Tickle was wearing her large pink dress and carrying her pink feather tickler.  She had Tuan sit down on a chair and asked that he'd be tied down to keep him from moving.  Tuan replies that there is no need, as he is very capable of enduring tickles.

Mistress Tickle stood beside Tuan on his left and said, "Now let's see what we can do for A TICKLE!!"
Mistress Tickle then tickled Tuan with the feather tickler on his neck.
"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!", giggled Tuan in a high pitched voice.

"I think we should take this to the next level", Mistress Tickle said, before tickling Tuan on his knee.
"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!", Tuan giggled.

"Now, I think is the right time for some tickling… TOES!" Mistress Tickle pronounced.  With that she took hold of Tuan's foot, slipped off his loafer and put it down on the floor beside her.  She then took out a small jar of moisturizing cream, rubbed a dab of cream into her hands and said, "But first, a quick rub down."  She then began to rub Tuan's toes with one hand, then after a few seconds, the other hand.  Then she announced, "Now we are ready for TICKLING!!"

Even though Tuan had been able to keep still throughout the entire session, now with his toes being tickled, the rest of Tuan's body was now shaking in the excitement as he laughed out loud.

After a while, the tickling session was over.  Ms Tickle put Tuan's shoe back on his foot.  Tuan thanked Ms Tickle and turned to leave.
"Come again", Ms Tickle said to Tuan as he headed out the door.
"With a tickling sensation that good", Tuan replied, "I think I will".
Many years ago as a child, I had a weird and wonderful dream about a woman in a large pink dress looking down at the foot of an Asian man wearing a blue suit and silver loafers without socks. After giving a short speech about tickling, the woman would tickle the man in several parts of him out of view (it was entirely viewed on the manís foot and the woman in front of it) with a large pink feather tickler. Despite being pretty much completely covered from the suit, I could hear the man giggling in a high pitched voice and his foot always stayed perfectly still on the floor, without the slightest twitch. After a few quick tickles, the lady decided to tickle his toes and, like magic, slipped off his loafer without moving the foot at all. Then I think she got a dab of message cream and then rubbed the end of his foot for a few seconds with each handÖ and then I think thatís when I woke up! Anyway, Iíve never forgotten that dream and Iím always devising new stories for it with many different characters and Iíve even done it personally on some younger children back in my youth. But now Iíve found a place to publish it (in a more realistic and complete way). Hope you enjoy it!
TicklishTouch Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, what a fun dream :D Very interesting story!
jakiture Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
this was good! read my tickle strory please
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