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One night, the D'Coolette's were enjoying their weekly family time, sitting together on the couch in the living room.  Antoine was wearing blue and white striped pajamas, along with a blue dressing gown and brown slippers.  Bunnie was only wearing a fluffy pink dressing down and slip-on slippers.  Jacques was wearing striped pajamas like his father, but not wearing a dressing gown and just having the one slipper on his organic foot.  And Belle was wearing a pink nightgown and one slip-on slipper, also on her one organic foot.

"Mama?" said Belle.  "What was it like to suddenly find yourself having a robotic arm and legs?"
"Well, Hon," said Bunnie.  "Ah admit it was scary at first.  But once ah realized how strong ma new robo-limbs had made me, ah knew then that ah could be a valuable asset to the Freedom Fighters.  Plus, ah could serve along side ma idol, Princess Sally, now Queen Sally of course.  Even betta, every day we grew closer and closer, until we became the best o' friends.
"Ma new metal body nearly always came in handy.  Even more so when it received an upgrade that allowed me to fly, create force fields and unleash a powerful laser canon from ma hand.  But there were those times ma metal body made me vulnerable, like when Dr. Robotnik created a magnetic device that almost got me trapped.  It even turned me into a threat once when the Iron Queen attacked New Mobotropolis and used her abilities to gain control of ma body.
"It's true, no matter how useful ma body came to be, every day ah wished to going back to bein' flesh n' blood again.  And then one day, when the evil wizard Naugus zapped the Death Egg with his magic and ah got in the way of it, ma metal body turned into crystal.  Naugus then reversed this effect, just to improve his public appearance of course, and when the crystal disappeared, so had ma metal limbs.
"Ah was both surprised and relieved at first.  But not long after, I thought that without ma metal body ah was now useless, stuck on the ground and unable to fight like ah could.  That's when your father stood up for me.  He let me know that ah didn't need that metal body to matter.  After all, he never had a metal body or special abilities, and he could fend off evil just fine."
Bunnie snuggled up to Antoine as she said these words.
"Way ta go, Papa!" said Belle, snuggling up to Antoine's side as well.
"Ah couldn't have said that betta ma self," Bunnie remarked at her, and gave Antoine a warm smooch.

"Let's not forget all those other things you would've mist out on with two robotic legs," Jacques bumped in.  He then hoped off the couch and knelt down beside his mother's leg, and then lifted her foot up from the floor.
"May I allow you some personal treatment, Mama?" Jacques added on, removing Bunnie's slipper.  And before she could reply, her son began to firmly, but carefully, massage her arch.
Bunnie let out a moan of pleasure.  "Thanks, Hon.  You're a real champ, helping yah mutha out like this!"
"Don't forget about me!" Belle stepped in, and knelt down beside Bunnie's other leg before lifting up her, removing her slipper and massaging her arch just like Jacques.
"Your terrific too, Darlin'!" Bunnie remarked at her.
And at that moment, Antoine started rubbing her shoulders while remaining seated at her side.
"Don't worry.  We're all here for you, Ma Cheri!" he told her.
Bunnie took one look at Antoine, then Belle and then Jacques, then just shut and said, "You guys are the best!"

After a few minutes of massaging, Antoine turned and saw that Bunnie had drifted off in his arms.
"Kids," Antoine pointed out.  "Mommy's asleep!"
Belle and Jacques looked up and it for themselves.
"Don't worry, Papa," said Jacques.  He held up his hand up, wiggled his fingers and gave his father a wink, and then another one to Belle (both of whom winked back at him).
And at that very moment, immediately Bunnie woke up, laughing out loud.  Antoine had been tickling her underarms, while the children had been tickling her soles.
"Sorry, Mon Amour," Antoine said to her.  "But you just dropped off."
"Sorry, guys," Bunnie said back to the rest of them.  "I just feeling so relaxed.  I didn't mean to."
"Just another thing you would've missed out on with robotic feet," Jacques pointed out.
"Ah guess that's a good thing," Bunnie chuckled, and so did everyone else.
"Well I zink zats our signal for bedtime," Antoine pointed out.
"Sure thing, Papa," Jacques said back.  He and Belle then put their mother's slippers back on her feet.  As soon as she got to her feet, she hugged and kissed her children goodnight one by one, and then Antoine did the same before the kids went upstairs to their rooms.

Bunnie and Antoine always went upstairs to their bedroom.  Antoine went into the bathroom to brush his teeth first.  And when Bunnie had brushed hers and came out of the bathroom, she found Antoine sitting on the bed with his dressing gown off, waiting for her.  Bunnie walked up to him, and then Antoine stood up, placed his hands on her shoulders, pulled off her dressing gown and made out with her.  Bunnie wrapped her arms around him as they kissed.  Then they fell down on the bed together with Antoine on top.  They then broke from their kiss, looked into each other's eyes and giggled together.
"Why don't we have a little more 'fun' before we hit ze hay?" Antoine suggested.
"What did you have in mind?" Bunnie asked, placing a hand on his cheek.
"Are you up for another little tickling sensation?" Antoine asked.
"Just as long as ah get to tickle you afterwards," Bunnie replied.
"Wouldn't have it any other way, Mai Cheri," Antoine responded.
So he sat up, still on top of Bunnie, and then pulled a cunning face.
"Hope you're for this," Antoine said in a cunning tone, before tickling Bennie on her belly.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Bunnie giggled out loud.
"Now let's go to the sides!" said Antoine, as moved his fingers away from her belly and onto Bunnie's sides.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" she giggled.
"It's time we now took it up a notch!" said Antoine, and moved his hands up to her underarms and tickled there.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Bunnie giggled once again.

After all that, it was Bunnie's turn to tickle Antoine.  So Antoine rolled off Bunnie and lied flat on the bed, while she got up and towered over him so that they were now each in the opposite position of where they were before.
"It's been a while since ah was able to give you a good tickle," Bunnie told Antoine, right before she began tickling his ribs.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Antoine giggled, just like Bunnie.
Bunnie smirked.  "Ah forgot how much ah loved watchin' you laugh," she told him, before tickling his underarms.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Antoine giggled again.
"Now it get's fun!" said Bunnie, crawling backwards towards Antoine's feet.  "A lil' somethin' ah like to call, 'Ticklin' Toes!'"
Towering over Antoine's feet, she slipped off his slippers and lay them down on the floor.  Then she turned back to him to admire his bare, three-toed feet.
"Such cute lil' things," Bunnie remarked.  "Let me rub 'em for you."
And just like that, Bunnie reached out her right hand and began to rub the toes on Antoine's left foot for a few seconds.  Then she did the same thing to the other foot with her left hand.  It made Antoine feel relaxed, but didn't moan out in pleasure because he knew she was also warming them for the tickling.  And sure enough, when Bunnie was done rubbing, she said,
"Now we're ready to commence ticklin'!"
And with that, she began to tickle under his toes of each foot with one hand each.  Antoine began to wiggle his toes and laugh out loud as Bunnie tickled them.
Eventually, Bunnie stopped tickling, and then Antoine just clasped from extortion. Bunnie smiled, walked around to her side of the bed and climbed into bed.  She stared at the past out Antoine for a few seconds and woke him up with a couple of light slaps to his face.  Antoine awoke all jumpy.
"Relax, Sugah-Twan!" Bunnie assured him.  "Our little tickle fun's over.  Now what'd you say we get all cozy?"
With that, Antoine settled down and pulled himself under the covers.  As he soon as he got comfortable, he placed a hand on his wife's cheek, kissed her goodnight, turned out the lamp, and then they both fell asleep in a warm snuggle.

Several hours later, Belle awoke in shock from a bad dream.  As she sat up in bed, she noticed that Jacques was in the room with her.  He had just come out from a late night trip to the bathroom and heard her scream, so he came in check to on her.
"Sis, what's wrong?!" Jacques asked her while holding onto her hands.
"I was dreaming that the rest of my body was turning into metal, and then someone laughing in the shadows that I was about to become his mindless robotic slave!" Belle explained, breathing heavily.
"You were having that same dream that Mama was talking about earlier," Jacques explained.
Belle grabbed hold of his upper arms as she shook with fright with tears in her eyes.
"It was awful!" she sobbed.
Jacques held his sister close to him.
"Relax, Sis.  It was just a dream," he told her.
Belle just laid herself in her brother's arms and cried.

Once Belle started to calm down, her sobbing began to turn into sniggering.  That's because the hand that Jacques had around her had begun to tickle her organic right underarm.  And so she pulled away from him.
"You see, Belle?" said Jacques.  "If you really had become completely metal, you could never have felt that."
He then lifted up her organic arm and said, "See, just like it always was.  And you can still feel my fingers feeding through yours."
As Jacques was doing just what he was saying to Belle, she began to feel calmer and assured, but she still sniffing.
"And look!" Jacques cried out before pulling back the covers over her left organic leg.  "Again, still flesh n' blood!"
He began to feed his hand along her leg from her thigh, until he reached the end of her foot.
"And if it was metal, you wouldn't be capable of doing this!" Jacques said, and began to jiggle her middle toe.
At this, Belle was beginning to fell much better.
"Go on and wiggle them," said Jacques, holding up Belle's foot.
And just like that, Belle began to wiggle her three toes.  She felt much better now, and watching herself wiggling her toes even made her want to giggle.
"And now, here's something that will completely ensure you of everything!" Jacques told Belle.
Still holding her foot in the air, he began count 'The Little Piggies' on her toes.  But when he began to do the "wee wee" part at the end, he started tickling her sole in circles with his fingers.  This made Belle laugh out loud and wiggle her toes even faster than before.
"We're not done until I tickle your toes!" Jacques told her.
And just like that, he began to tickle underneath Belle's wiggling toes.

Once Jacques had stopped tickling Belle, she just clasped her head on her pillow.  Then he laid her foot back down on the bed and covered it back up with the blanket.
"Feeling better now, Sis?" Jacques asked.
"Yes, thank you," Belle answered, before she sat up and hugged him warmly.  "Goodnight, my brother."
"Goodnight, Belle," Jacques replied, and then tucked her into bed.  "Have a goodnight's rest."
And after a quick kiss on her forehead, he turned out the bedroom light and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.
A request made by *arlos411
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Where did the deviant ask you this?
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What do mean 'where'?  On this very site, of course!
FoxMan0224 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean where on your page?
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BunnieRabbotLover92 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really liked this fic, but I have to ask this: If Bunnie is fully organic in this story, then why are Jacques and Belle still cyborgs anyway? Did her previous cybernetics alter her DNA and affect the two sperms that would soon be Jacques and Belle, thus making them both partially robotic?; you know, if Bunnie and Ant'....did it, a few days prior to when Bunnie got crystalized and then fully restored by Naugus.

I'm just askin'.
Dreamman001 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
No offense, but can't have metal in your DNA. It has to be implanted on removed limbs, like when Eggman legionizes people. How their kids got them though, nobody knows!
Still, it wasn't really my call to make Bunnie fully organic. It was in the request made by *arlos411!
lawman54 Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
Don't know if I said it before but I'll say it, this is purely incredible and heartwarming between Jacques and Belle. Great story ^^.

LouisEugenioJR Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a pretty good story in all, but I have one question to ask of you.
Dreamman001 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
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Never mind. I forgot what I wanted to ask.
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I'm afraid I already have a story like that in waiting, along with a number of other stories on my journal entry that are in waiting for my other watchers. Sorry about that!
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so, how about marine the raccoon and tails foot fun.
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I'll put it on my list.
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