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It was midday in Stormtop Village.  It had been quiet day, until now.  There was the sound of a distant plane approaching the village.  Li Moon raced outside the door of her house.  She knew who it was.  So did her grandfather, Li Yuen, who had just come outside to join her.  It was Tails in his "Tornado".  He flew down towards Li Moon's house and touched down gently.  Once his propeller died down, Li Moon and her grandfather moved closer to the plane to greet Tails.
"It was so nice of you to come here visit us like this, Tails," said Li Yuen.
"Pleasure's all mine," Tails replied while shaking hands.
"Hi, Tails," said Li Moon in somewhat flirty tone, holding her hands out.
"Hi, Li Moon," said Tails, taking her hands.
"Why don't we all go inside and have tea?" Li Yuen suggested.

Half an hour later, after many recent stories and several cups of tea, Li Moon took Tails outside for some fresh air.  She led him across the grassy fields and up a hill, about a quarter of a mile away from the house.  Once near the top, she asked him to sit down, saying that it was the perfect spot to catch some rays.  Tails was confused.  He pointed out to her that it was quite cloudy at the time.
"Just have patience," she replied.  "The sun will come out eventually."
And sure enough, it did.  The sun came out from behind the clouds just a few minutes later.  Within seconds, Tails could feel its warm rays of the sun all over.
"See, what did I tell you?" Li Moon said to Tails.
"Yeah, this sure feels good," Tails replied.
"I think I'll even take my shoes off," said Li Moon.
And with that, she pulled off her boots and laid them down beside her.  Then she laid down with her hands supporting her head and legs out straight.  Tails had already been awestruck at her Li Moon cuteness before.  But now he was more awestruck then ever, seeing Li Moon barefoot for the first time.  Just then, Li Moon opened her eyes and looked at Tails, who quickly looked the other way and hoped she didn't catch him staring at her feet.
"I can't think of a better way to relax," said Li Moon.  "Warm sun, green grass, peace and quiet.  It just makes you want to take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sun, lazy and warm."
And that's exactly what she did.  Tails had become awestruck again by her wiggling toes.  But this time he tried very hard not to stare.

Just then, the sun disappeared behind some clouds.
"Oh man, the sun's gone," Li Moon complained.  She crossed her legs at the knees and grabbed onto her toes.
"Tails, would you like to keep my feet warm until the sun comes back?" Li Moon asked Tails.
"Me?" a stunned Tails replied
"Yeah, don't you want to rub my feet?" Li Moon asked, as she placed her bare feet on top of Tails' lap.  "I'd like that a whole lot better than having to put my boots back on and then back off when the sun comes back."
Tails was even more stunned then ever.  He had never been asked to rub (or even touch) a girl's feet before.  But at the same time, he knew it would be an opportunity he couldn't avoid to waste.  So slowly he reached out, and put his hands on her feet.  Li Moon herself blushed a bit from the touch, and even more when Tails began to rub his hands up and down her feet.

"Hmmm, you're good," Li Moon said to Tails, after a minute or two of rubbing her feet.
"Gee, thanks," a blushing Tails replied.
"But the sun still hasn't returned.  So why don't we try something a little more fun?" Li Moon suggested.
"Like what?" asked a curious Tails.
Li Moon pulled out a small white feather from her pocket and offered it to Tails.
"W-What do you want me to do with this? Tails asked, taking the feather.
"What do you think?" Li Moon replied, pointing at her feet.
"Tickle me!" she demanded.
"S-Sorry?" Tails replied in hesitation.
"Please, I do like a little tickle from time to time," Li Moon assured him.  "Just as long as it's a light tickle."
"Okay," said Tails, still feeling a bit hesitated.

Tails slowly reached out with the feather and very gently stroked it against Li Moon's left sole.  Li Moon giggled out loud, and that made Tails jump and pull back.
"What's wrong?" Li Moon asked a hesitated Tails.  "We only just got started."
"Sorry," laughed Tails.  "I'm just not used to this sort of thing."
He reached out again and stoked the feather gently down her right sole.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Li Moon giggled.
She began to wiggle her toes as she laughed, and that gave Tails and idea.  So he tickled them from underneath while they wiggled.
"Heeheeheeheeheehee ahahaahahahahaha ohohohoho you're good ahahahahahat this!" Li Moon laughed.

Just about then, the sun came back out.  Li Moon immediately removed her feet from Tails' lap and sat back up with her feet flat on the ground.  She put her arms around her legs at the knees, and then began to wiggle her toes again.
"Come on, Tails," she said.  "Take off those shoes and join in, would you?"
Tails didn't feel too sure about Li Moon's suggestion.  He usually never took his sneakers off, except for bed.  However, he thought that this time it might help him get closer to Li Moon.  Besides, he may not have known what he was missing out on.  So, he started to take off his shoes, and then his socks.  Once removed, he placed his bare feet flat on the grass and put his arms around his legs at the knees, just like Li Moon.
The sun rays had already been all over the rest of him, which indeed felt good.  But feeling them on his bare feet was indeed something else.  It was like no warmth he'd even felt before.  And as soon as he began to wiggle his toes, it got even better.  It indeed felt good and relaxing to wiggle his toes in the sun.

"So, how those it feel?" Li Moon asked.
"Feels nice," Tails replied.
"Care to try it the other way, now?" Li Moon suggested.
With that, she laid back on the grass, with her toes pointing towards the sky like before.  Tails did the same.  Then they began to wiggle their toes once again.  It was definitely something else this time.  Now the rays of the sun were all over his toes, instead of just on top of them.  Also, there was room for him to wiggle his toes everywhere, without being tickled by the grass.  Usually he hated being tickled, by having his feet and toes lightly tickled by the grass didn't feel so bad.  Overall, this new experience was couldn't be described as better or worse. It was just different.

After a while, clouds began to cover the sun again.
"Awe, what a shame," said Tails.  "Still, all good things must come to an end eventually, right Li Moon?"
Tails turned his head and realized that Li Moon wasn't there lying next to him.
"Li Moon?!"
Suddenly, he felt a tingle on his left sole.  As soon as he moved his foot away, he noticed Li Moon had been lying in front of him and had just tickled him with her feather.
"Just having a little fun, Tails," Li Moon giggled.
"Please don't do that, I'm ticklish!" Tails told her.
"Oh, you are?" Li Moon responded with a cunning look in her eye.  And she grabbed hold of Tails' left ankle and lifted his foot up.
"Please, no!" Tails cried.  "Anything but that!"
"Come on, Tails," Li Moon assured him.  "It's only a game, after all."
She then tickled him with the feather on his sole.
"Ahahahahahahaha stohahahahahap it stohahahahahahap it!" Tails laughed.
"But we're just getting started," said Li Moon.  "And I still want to see how ticklish your heel is."
And with that, she began to tickle Tails' heel.
"Ahahahahahahahaha ohohoho please hahahahahahahaha stohahahahahahap!"
"But I still have your toes to tickle!" Li Moon told him.

As soon as Tails heard that Li Moon was going to tickle his toes, he began to panic and struggle.  But Li Moon kept on strong grip on his ankle.  And without further delay, she stuck the feather under his toes and began tickling them.
"Oh, Tails.  I can tell your having just as much fun as I am right now," Li Moon said.
Tails sat up and lunged at Li Moon, tackling her.  Then they started rolling over each other down the hill, laughing.  Not snarling, laughing!
As they hit the bottom of the hill, they both fell of each other and just laid there for moment, still laughing.
"Sorry about that, Tails," Li Moon said.
"Don't mention it," Tails replied.  "Besides, that was actually kind of fun."
"We should get up the hill and get our shoes," Li Moon suggested.  "Grandfather may have supper ready for us now."
"How about a lift?" Tails offered.  And, using his tails to fly, he picked Li Moon up by the waist and carried her all the up to the top of the hill.

Once they reached the top and Tails put Li Moon down, he went over to wear he left his shoes.  But just as he was about to put them back on, Li Moon grabbed his arm and said,
"Hold that thought, Tails," she said.  "Usually after wiggling my toes in the sun, I like to run down and hill and about half way home in my bare feet."
Tails didn't say anything.  So Li Moon took his hand and helped him up.
"Come on," she said, and immediately started running down the hill, dragging Tails behind her.
Tails was a bit startled at first, but soon he started laughing.  So he ran with her, and was running right next to her while still holding her hand.
"You were right, Li Moon," Tails called to her while running by her side.  "Running through the grass in your bare field really does feel good, even if it does tickle a bit."
Tails then started running in front of Li Moon, and looked back at her, still holding her hand.  They laughed as they continued to run hand in hand while looking at each other in the eye.
Once they were about half way back to Li Moon's house, they stopped running, put their shoes back on and walked the rest of the way, but still hand in hand.

After some more tea and supper, it was time for Tails to go home.
"Thanks again for having me here," Tails said to Li Yuen, shaking his hand goodbye.
"Your welcome, Tails," said Li Yuen.  "You're welcome back here anytime."
"It's been fun, Tails," Li Moon said, as she put her arms around him.  "Please don't be gone too long."
Tails blushed and hugged her back.  "You can count on it, Li Moon."
They all waved goodbye to each other as Tails got his plane and took off towards the sky.
Tails decides to pay a visit to his currently love interest, Li Moon and her grandfather, Li Yuen. However, Tails ends up getting something more than he bargained for.
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Tails458 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
adorable, absolutely adorable, Tails is really cute when he's getting tickled, and it sounds cute aswell.
Dreamman001 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Cheers mate!
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hm nice story but what i've seen from tails i think he'd let his friends tickle him and like it, he just always seems like he'd enjoy it as long as he's with his friends, just my opinion
Tailsnumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Writer
Who is this li moon and why is there no cosmo, tails' TRUE love ?
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Tailsnumber1 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Student Writer
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Dreamman001 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
Li Moon is a fox who Tails has a thing for from Archie's Sonic comic series. See Sonic Universe issue #13.
Tailsnumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Writer
Ok, thanks
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That's a wonderful story here ^^. Tails and Li Moon would make a cute boy friend/girlfriend, but one can only hope...

Anyway, great story over all ^^.

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