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Ever since Amy Rose and I, her newly wed husband, began dating several months ago, Amy had found tickling to be an excellent method of relaxation.  To her tickling was both the easiest and most fun to generate laughter, which was an excellent way to relieve stress and tension.  Several times a week she would have me tickle her in several various places with the feather tickler that I had given to her as a wedding gift on our honeymoon, right before I would remove her shoe to tickle her on our favourite tickling spot, her toes.  Sometimes I'd tickle her sole afterwards, or sometimes we'd just go ahead and tickle her all over her entire foot.  Whichever way we did it, it was our very favourite family time, fun and relaxing for the both of us.
One day while I was drinking tea in the kitchen and preparing our budget for the next month, Amy came out of our room wearing were usual red boots and a pink and frilly party dress with a long lacy gloves.
"Well sweetie, what do you think?" she asked me.
"You look gorgeous!" I answered her.  "But what's the occasion?"
"This, my dear, is my tickler's outfit!" she told me, pulling out her personal feather tickler.  "You see, I want some of our friends to experience the tickle therapy for themselves, and I think wearing this while I'm doing it will give off the right signal, don't you?"
"Well, you do look fabulous, as always," I told her.  "But who do think in their right mind would ask you to tickle them?"
Amy just smiled.  "As a matter of fact, honey, I just happen to already have my first client, and it happens to be none other than Princess Sally herself!"

Princess Sally Acorn was in room, lying on her bed and going through a photo album of her and friends during their time growing up in Knothole.  Just then, there was a knock at her bedroom door.  So she got off her bed, put the album down on her dressing table and went to answer the door.   She opened it and found Amy standing in her 'tickler's' outfit.
"Hi, Sally.  I'm sure you know why I'm here?" Amy said to Sally, as they shared a welcoming hug.
"Of course I do," Sally answered her.  "So tell me, what do you want me to do?"
Amy took one look at Sally and around her room and thought for a moment, and then pointed towards and said, "Lie on your back on the bed for me, please."
So Sally lied down on her bed on her back like Amy asked.  Then Amy stood beside Sally and then pulled out her feather tickler.
"Now you're sure you 'really' wanna go through with this?" she asked Sally.
"Yes, I'm sure," she answered back.  "Having all the responsibilities as both Princess and leader of the Freedom Fighters can be quite stressing.  And if this tickle therapy really does help relieve it, I'm not backing out now!"
"Alright, but be careful what you wish for," Amy told her.
Amy then tickled Sally just below her neck with the feather tickler.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Sally giggled out loud.
"Tickly, isn't it?" Amy commented on Sally's reaction, before tickling her on her belly.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Sally giggled again.
"Feel the tension flowing away," said Amy.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Sally giggled once more as she was tickled on her knee, and again as Amy lifted up her arm and tickled her from underneath.

A few days later, Bernadette Hedgehog had gotten word of Amy's tickle therapy and arranged for Amy to give her a session as well.
The following day, Amy (wearing her Ticklers' outfit) knocked on the door of the Hedgehog residence.  Bernadette greeted her at the door and they shared a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.  She was wearing her usual purple dress and loafers.
"Thank you for coming, dear," Bernadette said to Amy.  "I really do hope this little therapy of yours works.  It's really not the easiest life for me, waiting anxiously almost every day for your son to come home in one piece."
"I know that's just how my husband feels about me as well, Bernie," Amy told her.  "But don't worry.  This therapy of mine already went well for Sally, so I'm pretty it'll do you just fine.  Now, how about you take a seat on the couch for me, please?"
Bernie did as Amy asked her to and sat on the couch.  Then Amy asked her to keep her feet spread apart on the floor, and then she stood beside her left foot and pulled out her feather tickler.
"Now let's see what we can do for a tickle!" said Amy.  She then tickled Bernie on her knee.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Bernie giggled just as Sally did.
"Feel that tension flow away," said Amy, before tickling Bernie on her ankle.
"Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" she giggled again.
"Right, I think now would be the perfect time for a little game my husband and I like to call 'Tickling Toes'!" said Amy.
With that, Amy put her feather tickler down, reached down to Bernie's foot, removed her shoe and then placed it down on the floor beside her.  She then looked back down to admire Bernie's exposed toes.
"Now those are some real beauties," she told Bernie.   "I think they deserve a little extra treatment."
With that, Amy removed her long lacy gloves, took out a small tub of massage cream, opened the lid, applied a dab of cream to her fingers and then rubbed into her hands.
"First we rub down there," said Amy, as she rubbed one hand along the end of Bernie's toes.
"And rub down there," Amy then rubbed her other hand along where Bernie's toes meet her foot.
When Amy had finished rubbing the cream off her hands into Bernie's toes, she picked up her feather tickler and said, "Now I believe they're ready for tickling!"
And just like that, Amy began to tickle all over Bernie's toes.
"Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha!  I'm reeheeheeheeheehealy ticklish thehehehehehere Amy!   Heeheeheeheeheehee!"

The following morning, Bernie called Sally to discuss their tickle sessions with one another.
"You know, Sally," said Bernie to Sally.  "I often find that Sonic goes through a lot himself.  Even without being the hero of Mobius and having a lot riding on his shoulders, he tends to show many signs of tension.  I would give him an appointment from Amy as well, but I don't think he would approve of it.  So I was thinking maybe you wouldn't mind coming round and giving one to him yourself?  You still have much of your relationship to patch up, after all."
"I don't know, Bernie," replied Sally in hesitation.  "I haven't really been much of a playful type since becoming a Freedom Fighter.  But I'll have a think about it."
"I knew I could count on you, dear," Bernie told her.
Later that day, Sally came and knocked on the Hedgehogs' front door.
"Thank you for coming, Sally," Bernie greeted her with a welcoming hug.  "Have you thought about we discussed earlier today?"
"I have, Bernie," Sally answered. "I just hope that I do good enough that Sonic feels comfortable about it."
"I'm sure you'll do just fine, dear," Bernie assured her.

At that moment, Sonic was sitting on the end of his bed and playing on his guitar.  Moments later he heard a knock on his bedroom door.
"Come in!" he said.
The door opened and Sally appeared before him.  He stopped playing, because it was a surprise guest from the girl he'd just gotten back with after breaking up.
"H-hi Sal," he said in hesitation.  "For what do I owe the pleasure?"
"Why so hesitated?" Sally asked him.  "Aren't you glad to see me?"
"S-sure I am, but why the surprise visit, if you don't mind?" Sonic asked her back.
Sally just walked right up to him, sat down next to him on his bed and put her arm around him.
"Sonic, I'm sure you often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, being the hero of Mobius and all," Sally explained to Sonic.  "I often feel just the same way, you know as both Princess of Mobius and leader of the Freedom Fighters.  But earlier this week, Amy showed me a way to drive out tension that her husband does for her regularly."
"Y-yeah, what's that?" Sonic asked her.
Using the hand she had on his shoulder, Sally tickled Sonic on his neck.
"Heeheeheeheehee!  Stoahahahahahap thahahahahahat!" Sonic giggled out loud, gently pushing Sally away from him.
"Ooooooo!  A little ticklish, are we?" chuckled Sally.
At this, Sonic began to cringe while waving his hands in front of him, saying, "No!  Please! NO!!"
But Sally made her move and tackled Sonic to his bed.  He was still begging her to stop, when she sealed his lips with a kiss.
"Trust me, Sonic," she told him.  "It'll work for you as it did for me if you just relax.  Just think of it as extra love from your very special girl."
She does have a good point, Sonic thought to himself.
"Okay, Sal," he told her, relaxing himself on his bed with his hands supporting his head.  "You go right on ahead.  Tickle me whether you want.  I promise I won't mind!"
"Well that's just the problem," Sally told him.  "Not that you're willing to take it, but just where to tickle you.
"You could have a ticklish tummy," she said.
Sonic giggled aloud and waggled his legs as Sally scribbled her fingers over his pale belly.
"Or you could have ticklish knees," Sally went on.
Again Sonic giggled aloud as soon as she had bent his legs and scribbled her fingers on his knees.
"Or a ticklish nose," said Sally, as she tickled Sonic's nose with one finger while Sonic sniggered.
"Or you could of course have ticklish…." Sally said just before she held up Sonic's foot and began to take off his shoe.  Once it came off, she went right for his socked,
"…Toes!" Sally finished her sentence.
Sonic laughed out loud harder than before, waving his arms in the air as Sally tickled his socked toes.

A couple of days after his 'therapy' with Sally, Sonic was taking a stroll down the streets of New Mobotropolis, when he saw Tails walking down the street as well.  He noticed that something was right with him, because he wasn't smiling nor had his head held high as usual.  So Sonic walked right up to Tails to ask him what the problem might be.
"Hey there, Lil' Bud," said Sonic, wrapping his arm around Tails.  "Why the long face, if you don't mind me asking?"
"Oh, it's my Mom, Sonic," Tails explained.  "I know she's good at what she does as a Councillor, but she often comes home like she's all stressed and everything."
Upon hearing this, the events of being tickled by Sally fell right into Sonic's head.
"I'm gonna tell you something that just might help, just as long as you keep it between the two of us," he said to Tails, as he lead him to a nearby bench.
Once seated, Sonic began to whisper his little 'previous experience' with Sally into Tails' ear, and if he did something similar for his mom, he might just help relieve her stress as well.
"I don't know about all that, Sonic," Tails replied in hesitation.
"Trust me, Lil' Bro.  It'll work like a charm," Sonic replied back, rubbing the little fox's head.
"Just as it did for Sally and me," he whispered into Tails' ear.

That evening, Tails' mother, Rosemary, arrived home from the council.  She looked half asleep as walked through the living room, sat down in her arm chair and put her feet up.
At that moment, Tails walked up to where she sat.
"Hi, Mom," he said.  "How was your day?"
"Tiring," Rosemary answered.  "It sure is hard work being a councillor."
"Well, you do seem tense," Tails told her, holding her hand in both of his.  "But I may know a way that can help.  If you'll let me, that is!"
Rosemary smiled a put a hand on Tails' cheek.
"Anything from you, my son," she told him, bringing him closer to her for a quick snuggle.
"Well, I'm pretty sure your feet ache after a hard day's work," said Tails, as he began to gently but also firmly rub his mother's two bare feet.
"Oooooo, that does feel good!" Rosemary moaned in delight.
"Yeah, well I actually have a different method in mind that could really drive the tension right out," Tails explained.  "But in order for it to work, I must ask to stay relaxed."
"Why is that?  Is it a more firm massage or something?" asked Rosemary.
"Not exactly, just something a little different," Tails explained, walking around in front of her.  "Though to be honest, I've never tried it before.  But I've heard it can be really effective.  Just relax, okay?"
With that, Tails turned his back to his mother, raised the ends of his two tails to where her feet were, and began to brush his tails back and forth along her soles.  Immediately Rosemary began to laugh out loud.  Soon her toes began to wiggle and her fingers cringed to ends of her seat's armrests.
Still tickling her feet with his tails, Tails turned his head around to watch his mom laughing and could tell that this 'method' was really helping to drive the tension, so he just kept on tickling.

The next day, Tails spotted Sonic as they both taking a stole in the park.
Tails ran right up to Sonic and said, "Sonic, your idea yesterday was brilliant.  Mom was able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in days.  I can't thank you enough!"
Tails just threw his arms around Sonic.
"Oh, don't mention it, Tails," Sonic said back, breaking their hug but keeping his hands on his shoulders.  "Besides, it shouldn't be me you should be thanking, but Amy.  It was her therapy after all."
"Seriously?!" asked Tails.
"Well, technically it was her husband's method that he does for her," Sonic explained.  "And she decided to take it up for others as it did for her.  She did it for Sally and my own mom, who both thought Sally should do it for me."
Upon hearing this, Tails immediately flew out to find Amy.  He found out shopping at the market, and touched down to talk to her.  He told her about how Sally decided to take up her tickling therapy on Sonic, who then advised him to take it up himself on his mother.  He then thanked her for everything with a friendly hug, and then went on his way.
For a moment, Amy just stood in that same spot, thinking about what Tails had just told her and how happy she was in helping taking the stress out of people's lives.  With that, she went off to finish her shopping so she get home receive her own therapy from non-other than myself, her faithful husband.
A side story of the 'My Date with Amy Rose' series, set just after the events of 'My Honeymoon with Amy'. [link]

This story contains a mash up of some of my favorite childhood tickling games, and Amy decides to use my own tickle therapy to help relieve stress out of her friends.
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lawman54 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
I most likely said something like this already but I mean it anyway, I just thought this is wonderfully awesome :D! I'm sure they could really use that kind of pick-me-up especially after going though some rough times of their own. As :iconmakerofchaos117: said, can't wait for the next one :).

MakerofChaos117 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Writer
thanks for agreeing
Dreamman001 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Thanks again, copman!
MakerofChaos117 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Writer
I liked it, it was very entertaining,

I can't wait for the next one
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